I’m a software engineer living in New York City. Currently I run JAKT, a leading design and development consultancy that uses technology to solve problems for entrepreneurs and cor­po­ra­tions. I absolutely love what I do. More.


Processing Server Logs

Using server logs to reduce errors during a site migration.

Favorite Things from 2014

Hardware and apps from 2014.

Tom Bihn Bags For Sale

Up for sale are a Founders Briefcase and a Zephyr.

Using JavaScript with WKWebView in iOS 8

iOS 8 adds WKWebView with a powerful interface to JavaScript running inside the frame. Here I exploring an small example and theorize about future iOS applications.

Fixing Django’s Admin Inlines

The Django admin offers inlines as a way to quickly add or edit related models. Here's some tweaks to make it easier.

Desert Golfing

The madness that is Desert Golfing explained. I'm averaging 2.958 strokes per hole right now.

Special Characters (+Extensions!)

I started work on the typoplus module which implements simple substitutions from special characters to HTML entities.

OmniFocus Quick Open

OmniFocus 2 has a Quick Open feature that rocks. Here's how to make it respect other shortcut keys.

#scalenpm Follow Up

Nodejitsu fails to follow up with backers on the #scalenpm crowdfunding campaign.

Markdown and Standards

Markdown is a popular lightweight markup language. Someone thought it needed a spec. This is the "Standard" / "Common" Markdown fiasco.


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