I’m a soft­ware engineer liv­ing in New York City. I build award winn­ing solu­tions for comp­anies like IDEO, Thomson Reuters, and beIN Sports. I found­ed JAKT, a lead­ing des­ign and develop­ment consult­ancy that uses tech­nology to solve prob­lems for entre­pre­neurs and cor­po­ra­tions. I also start­ed the pro­posal for what would become The Workplace. Continue reading.


Calculating recipes with Obsidian

I make Obsidian do the math for recipes.

Fuzzy searching Amazon purchases in Alfred

A bit of Python glued this together for me.

Coming up for air

What is new with you?

Site Update: secure links now

I have setup to facilitate some minor integrations such as Stripe Checkout.

Comprehensions in Python

A look at comprehensions as a language feature and what they can do. Targeted as a beginner level how-to for those who haven’t used or explored comprehensions in Python.

Variable Expansion in Python

Python allows nested variable expansion, which is perfect when enumerating in a for-loop or inside a comprehension. This took me 10 years to notice.

How Not To Make Coffee

Keurig machines and comparisons to disposable lifestyles.

Marco Arment on Facebook

I do not share Marco’s polarized opinions but I respect his open concession that the good outweighs the bad.

PostgreSQL Alter Table and Long Transactions

Altering table structures in PostgreSQL are safe, with some exceptions around what locks transcations have running. The access exclusive lock will wait for any transaction to finish and block other transactions from starting.

git-rebase: A Play in Four Acts

Make rebasing an indispensable part of the development workflow.


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