Site Update: secure links now

January 17, 2020 at 8:19 am

Check it out here:

This facilitates some Stripe Checkout integrations I’ve been putting off for ~year. Now I can host a checkout page without having to pay Fastly $X00/month. The only visible change is that the default ATOM/RSS feed links have as the domain.

This site is primarily served by Fastly, who makes things fast and powers some very very minor dynamic behavior. An example of this is the 404 page described in more depth Creating a 404 page with Fastly. However, in order to run a custom domain with HTTPS I need to setup a dedicated certificate with Fastly, and that’s exceedingly expensive for a personal blog.

To work around this I’ve created a second independent domain, served through CloudFront from the same S3 bucket as this site. AWS graciously provides free certificates for domains and everything works nicely, minus the creative 404 pages.

If anything looks broken drop me a line!


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