Java in Disguise

After my previous post about Appcelerator I’ve decided to post some code to mull over, specifically the wide similarities between this and Java Swing.

Win.title_lb = Titanium.UI.createLabel
    color: '#eee',
    text: Ti.App.Properties.getString('title'),
    font:{fontSize: 40, fontFamily: 'Verdana'},
    top: -200,
    left: 100,
    textAlign: 'left',

What does that remind you of? If you said Labels in Java you might be right. I find a surprising amount of similarity between the pseudo-javascript that Appcelerator claims to be and the Java it undoubtedly tries to be.

Either way I finished the app, no need to worry about that until they have a design change.

written June 4th, 2010

June 2010

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