JavaScript Curriculum

I had a great time today helping get the ball rolling on creating a JavaScript curriculum. The Meeting notes are on Google Docs and I encourage everyone to take a look. At this time we are still brainstorming about all the various aspects, but broken down into components that we will more clearly define:

  • Intake process. Accepting new people, processing them, and estimating current skill level.
  • Peer accreditation.
  • Baseline skill set (minimum skills). What should you know? Only programmers? Completely new to computer science? Formal training but no professional skills?
  • Incentives. Why should you take this course? The end benefits to the people need to be clearly defined and rationalized.

We are still pulling JavaScript apart and identifying key areas that need attention when learning the language, but you are free to comment and offer opinions on what should be included. The scattered notes we have might not be completely coherent, but given enough input I think there is some excellent work that can come out of it.

written February 6th, 2011

February 2011

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