New Job: ngmoco:) and Freeverse

I’ve moved! Started working as a Server Enginner for ngmoco:) at Freeverse.

I would like to blame the lack of recent activity on that, but the real reason is an amazing shortage of time. Between moving, flying, and getting other things setup I’ve had nary a minute to work on anything for the sideline.

Some projected goals for Summer / Fall 2011:

  • New blog engine. Yes, another re-write. Will I stick with PHP? Not sure. I could move to Grails or something entirely different like Node.js.
  • Past Mongo. I would like to have some time to explore alternatives in the NoSQL world, including Riak.
  • Hadoop. A friend of mine, Brenden Kokoszka, is going to be doing some work with General Sentiment. This, in addition to Sanford working with Peer Index, has made me interested in learning more about this distributed computing.
  • …much more do come.
written May 10th, 2011

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